Pearl #38: Gluten-free at The Nest, St. Louis

May 12th

Update, 7/27/14: The Nest has CLOSED permanently.

So The Nest.

I just have to preface this post by saying…Ken is a very patient human in dealing with my GF quests and adventures. I had stumbled across the website of The Nest, in Frontenac, a couple months ago. After looking at their menu (which is basically all gluten-free, or can be modified to be so), I knew I HAD to get there. I mean, come on, they have gluten-free chicken and waffles. (Where have you ever seen a GF version of that??) I was SO excited.

But…it’s what they call a “Stay and Play Creative Cafe.” From the sounds of that, I was guessing that involved children. Lots of them. Playing. And staying.

But of course, I didn’t disclose that to Ken until plans were in the works. #Oops. So while we were both in town for a wedding in March (after the big move), I brought him along for the ride. And yes, this is a very child-oriented place. There’s a lot of screaming and happiness. And a lot of parents drinking mimosas and brunching while the kids hop on the slide. Pretty sweet set-up for both parties. So Ken and I, as two childless twenty-somethings were DEFINITELY in the minority. We saddled up to the bar and tried to look as inconspicuous as possible, sans children.

The Nest St. Louis Gluten-free | Gluten-free Pearls

That said, the food was pretty awesome. I ordered the quinoa pancakes, plus a side of scrambled eggs. These were darn good pancakes – a different texture than your standard fluffy buttermilk pancakes. They were more dense, but had a great flavor and heartiness to them. I know what you’re thinking — no chicken and waffles?? I know, it was a moment of indecision, but I didn’t know if I could handle that intense action for brunch. Ken got the burger special with a normal bun, and he said it was pretty delicious.

The Nest St. Louis - Gluten-free Quinoa Pancakes | Gluten-free Pearls

I had to restrain myself around all the baked goods, from Sweet Picks bakery – brownies, cookies, scones, macarons galore. I wanted to bring some home with me but rationalized I didn’t need to spend another 15 bucks on baked goods.

The Nest St. Louis | Gluten-free Baked Goods

And the decor – this place is seriously adorable. It looks to be straight out of a magazine. You’ll see their ice tea filling area and feel the need to put one in your home, even though you only drink ice tea once a year.

The Nest St. Louis | Gluten-free

If I had kids, I’d definitely be back to stay and play. Without kids, I’d stick to carry-out next time (I hope they offer that)! Be prepared, as it’s noisy in there. I was slightly mentally exhausted when I left, but totally happy to cross this place off the bucket list.

Regardless, I hope to sample some more of their delicious fare in the future! Next time: I’m gonna own that chicken and waffles.


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